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In Spain, in the Canary Islands, we found the town of La Orotava, which is northwest of the island of Tenerife with 207.31 square km is the largest municipality Tenerife, where there is more population in La Orotava or “Villa” as it is called by its residents and neighbors, but is also shared by other areas such as La Perdoma, SanAntonio, Benijos, Barroso, Florida, and Aguamansa Pinoleris.
It is believed that the name of La Orotava, was released by the Guanches formerly calledArautava or Arautapala that area, although no one knows their exact origin. The Guanches that lived in La Orotava, they did on their shores, in the larger ravines and slopes
where it was easier to get food and means to survive.
La Orotava takes great care in his appearance, especially during the holidays, the streets are decorated in a special form which also kept the town pretty neat.
Some monuments and attractions of La Orotava are:
The church of La Concepción, a national monument, was built in the mid XVIII. The church of San Juan Bautista, located in the neighborhood of Farrobo, in the Village of Above, the hospital of the Holy Trinity and Church of San Francisco, church and former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán etc. ..
We also find historic houses such as La Orotava, the home of the balconies of Lercaro, Monteverde, Ponte and Franchy etc. .. are a typical old houses and mansions.
Some are devoted to events even in some of them are small hermitages.
In La Orotava find mills, where they were dedicated and some of them still working to make the grinding gofio CEREAL, have come to count up to 13 mills of which still exist 10 and 3 continue to work with relatively modern technology.
In La Orotava is important to make a stop at the Liceo Taoro (ex falnasterio of Taoro) with its impressive gardens to come today as various events take place like weddings, meetings, etc … take a stroll through the Plaza de la Constitution known to slum dwellers, “Plaza kiosk, kiosk by the popular” Anita “, enjoy the gardens of the Marquis of the Quinta Roja or “Victoria Gardens” which is the pantheon of Don Diego de Ponte Marquis de la Quinta Roja, which was built by her mother Dona Sebastiana de Castillo.
The town of Orotava in Tenerife is form in stepped down slope, crossed by roads. These roads are design drawing in representation of energy channels and chakras of Eastern culture.
Several beaches such as the beach Bollullo, the Patos and Ancon are not very easy to get to. But they are beautiful beaches are steep because of their location.
La Orotava is well known for its Corpus Christy and the celebration of San Isidro Labrador. In Corpus Christy they draw in the floor religious motifs and painted with flower petals and colour sand, they called it “alfombras” (rugs). Also they have a dance party where all participants enjoy attending with their traditional Canarian costumes.
La Orotava is the pride of the slum dwellers and admired by visitors.

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