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Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the Canary Islands together with Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.
Between 1833 and 1927 Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the only capital of the Canaries, but then in 1927 a reform was established and Santa Cruz of Tenerife had to share this position with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and remains so to this day.
Playa de las TeresitasSanta Cruz of Tenerife is on the northeast of the island, comprises between Santa Cruz Bay in Tenerife and the Anaga massif, its height is 4 meters above sea level, is an area
metropolitan San Cristobal de La Laguna. The climate in Santa Cruz of Tenerife is usually mild. Fernández de Lugo landed in Tenerife when it was inhabited by the Guanches, planted a
cross which names the city, Santa Cruz (The Holy Cross), this cross is in the church of Conception.
The port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife became one of the busiest Atlantic, because it was the main connection between Europa and America in the times of the colonies and conquest in the brand new discovered America.
The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is considered a great tourist interest world wide. Usually in February the Carnival of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, locals and visitors enjoy it with great enthusiasm and joy. There is a very strong participation by the people involved, troupes and musical groups. The most traditional ones are called “murgas”, where groups of people make some lyrics about social or political complains and sing it along with their own designed costume.
The “Auditorio”  is found in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a landmark modern building, this is a specially designed music hall that holds concerts and is designed to be incredibly
good sound.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife has chemical industry, like the Refinery,which is one of the oldest and has been operating since 1930, is one of the largest of the Canary Islands. This Refinery provides not only the whole of the Canary Island, but also  Africa, mainland of Spain and America.
In the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the Palace of the Captaincy General of Canarias. Between Toscal neighborhood and La Rambla of the town of Santa Cruz in Tenerife, we can  find the regional military museum ofl Almeyda. This museum has great historical maps. In here we also found the gun Tiger , used by Nelson Almirant in the attack to Santa Cruz Tenerife, as well as other weaponry used in his attempted  to conquest Tenerife.
Cesar Manrique Water Park and the Auditorium in the background.Santa Cruz de Tenerife is formed by the municipalities of San Cristobal de la Laguna, The Rosario and Tegueste, have also included the cities of  Tacoma and Sausal, due to huge population growth is expected to join 20 years 6 municipalities.
In Santa Cruz de Tenerife have the Casillo de San Juan or also known as the Castle Black  near Caleta de Negros, at the left of the Tenerife Auditorium
and at his right, the Cesar Manrique Maritime Park, opposite the tower of Santa Cruz of Tenerife.
The most important church is the Conception, is the first temple in the city of Santa Cruz. , it houses the  patron St. James, the oldest church is the Francis of Assisi, where we can find the image of the Christ of Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruz de Tenerife has grown and built the new buildings like the Palace of Justice, an official Multi-purpose Building, the transport hub of Santa Cruz, the Auditorium of Tenerife.
One of the most visited beaches in Santa Cruz of  Tenerife is called “Teresitas”,  found in the village of San Andres. This is an artificial beach created with sand from the Sahara Desert. Another beaches are Roque de las Bodegas, Taganana, Gabiotas ( this beach is a nudist one and also very good for surfing ), etc. ..
Among the parks of Santa Cruz de Tenerife we can find the Garcia Sanabria Park. Is a large park with a high variety of trees and flowers, where there is the famous flower clock.
Public places in Santa Cruz de Tenerife are spacious and landscaped, the Plaza of Spain (“Plaza de España”), where we find sources and a large park, the “Plaza de Isabel II” that has a
neoclassical style sculpture with five pipes in the form of lion heads, also the lovely square of the Candelaria that is in front of the Plaza of Spain etc.
In Santa Cruz de Tenerife you have pubs and clubs in which to have fun with a very a good atmosphere.

In general, Santa Cruz of Tenerife is a very beautiful town by the sea. It has enormous amounts of shops and every other imaginable activity that a small capital could hold. If you are visiting the island of Tenerife, you must have time to go around Santa Cruz.

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