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Puerto de la Cruz, a large resort town north of Tenerife, great place to spend your vacation with a warm and pleasant.
In Puerto de la Cruz there are several areas devoted exclusively to tourism.
We spend a day on Lake Marti├ínez which was designed by Cesar Manrique, this huge lake has several swimming pools, including a pool, a children’s buffet restaurant, and several kiosks where you will find tools for our day in the pool as are glasses diving, tubing, hoses for children etc … also magazines and newspapers. All this in the Puerto de la Cruz with breathtaking ocean views and mountain views. El Puerto de la Cruz has a wide pedestrian avenue, there are several shops, where you will get some great gifts symbolic of Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz, also shopping centers (The Pyramids of Marti├ínez) we find variety of shops dedicated to the sector clothes, shoes, toys, electronics and supermarket.
In Puerto de la Cruz are some excellent restaurants where you can sample delicious cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere and the whisper of the sea in the background.
Also burgers, creperies, Chinese, Peruvians and other specialties that make Puerto de la Cruz a pleasant and enjoyable for visitors.
We spend an unforgettable experience in the Puerto de la Cruz visited the Loro Park, enjoy the spectacle of exotic animals as they are, the show of sea lions and seals, watching the amazing gorillas, the great white tiger, turtles centenarian penguins, a variety of fish and sharks, we also find the unique show of killer whales and dolphins and of course an endless collection of parrots and birds show fun.
At night in Puerto de la Cruz will spend a great night out visiting pubs and clubs her in an excellent atmosphere. Sing karaoke in Puerto de la Cruz and if we want to go to the bingo to try their luck or the impressive casino Taoro where ampliaos walk through their gardens and enjoy the quality of its casino.
El Puerto de la Cruz offers a wide variety of hotels where we spend our holidays in good weather and stunning views of Mount Teide. In fact
There is a hotel in the port of cross located on top of a mountain, the newly renovated hotel Eagles mind and equipped with some excellent facilities to enjoy their good service and magnificent views across the valley.
Like any city of Puerto de la Cruz has a historical part, with old houses and cobblestone streets where visitors stroll to admire their heritage.
The Plaza del Charco in Puerto de la Cruz is one of the most traveled by visitors, have a coffee bar with terrace and live music, a park where you will love the little ones enjoying the slides and swings. Very near the Plaza del Charco is the dock where the fishermen come every day to perform daily tasks.
El Puerto de la Cruz is a very devoted to her virgin del Carmen, which will perform their traditional party and make the shipment in the spring. These parties are made in July, is a massive and emblematic celebrations in which any of its faithful enjoy with joy and pride in their great faith in this virgin.
Located in Puerto de la Cruz are black sand beaches, beach garden, the Castle Beach and Punta Brava which, as its name suggests is ideal for his bravery to enjoy water sports like surfing, windsurfing etc … In these beaches Puerto de la Cruz celebrates the feast of San Juan in June, which makes a macro night party with performances by traditional groups, water fireworks and huge bonfires where people traditionally written on paper with your wishes the saint and then burn them.
This has been a brief summary of what we find with our arrival at Puerto de la Cruz.

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