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Town of Los Realejos in Tenerife. Los Realejos is a very beautiful town of Tenerife. Its location makes it perfect, is in the valley of Orotava, and because is on the side of the mountains it has magnificent views of the sea and mountains from pretty much every where you are in the town.

The Realejos is located in the Canary Islands, particularly in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the north of the island, close to Puerto de La Cruz and La Orotava to 42 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
The Realejos is located at an altitude of 450m. above sea level, covers an area of 57.09 square miles.
The main areas of Los Realejos are Realejo Alto, San Augustine and Realejo Low. There are also many neighborhoods and towns such as El Toscal-Longuera, Santa Cruz, Tigaiga, Palo Blanco or Icod El Alto.
Speaking of history, belonged to Los Realejos Taoro menceyato (An aborigine kingdom). Was entrusted to the Apostle Santiago is the patron of the town of Los Realejos, the first Christian church built by the Spaniards in the island, which has been declared historical artistic monument. In the ravine Godinez, so they called the conquerors, were located the most fertile land on the island, which were reserved for the benefit of Governor Fernandez de Lugo, which was built, the well-known today as, “La Hacienda de los Príncipes” (The Treasury princes). Declared of cultural interest, including the parish of St. James and La Hacienda de los Principes has a big influence in  today’s Realejos development.
The Realejos was formerly divided between Realejo High and Low Realejo, but now it is all in union and it continues to be call this way, Los Realejos.
In Los Realejos we find several places to visit that have great historical attraction such as: The Conception Parish is located at Realejo Under the house of Viera y Clavijo located at Realejo Alto, La Hacienda de Castro which is a protected area, beach Castro, the Fajana, Socorro Beach, San Pedro’s viewpoint, this viewpoint enjoy excellent views across the valley and has a telescope for their Visitors have the privilege of admiring such beautiful landscapes.

It is said that Los Realejos is the municipality of Spain that celebrates holidays, some of them are San Vicente, held on 22 January, the feast of the carnival, from February to March, Easter with the Nazarene, the feast of the Cross, held on 3 May is declared Canary Islands attractions where there is a healthy chop between streets that exposed a pyrotechnic display that is given at the end of the procession of La Cruz, San Isidro Labrador Pilgrimage which is held the last Sunday of May with a large participation, the feast of Our Lady of the Afflicted late August, the celebration of the Immaculate Conception in December ,which highlights the slope of the Virgin of the altar rail system.

The Realejos has a great natural wealth, nearly 50% of its land is protected by environmental laws, is the area with more biodiversity of Tenerife. It has a wide range of paths that connect these spaces, a great attraction enjoyed by visitors, tourists and Canarian residents. In Los Realejos there are 5 black sand beaches. Some of this beaches are quiet, others are well-visited and others virtually desert where we find the pure nature of Tenerife.
Also in Los Realejos landscapes can be admired through viewpoints found along its geography, we find the viewpoint of the Crown on the side of Tigaiga in Icod el Alto, from where we can admire the valley of La Orotava and northeastern the island from the practiced paragliding and hiking. Below are the viewpoint of the set.where is the impressive figure of Mencey Bentor, which was where he took his life because he would not be subjected to enslavement of the Spanish troops at the end of the conquest.

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