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Fañabe Beach

Fañabe Beach

Adeje in Tenerife, Canary Islands, is a town located in the southwest of the Tenerife island and is one of the most populated towns. Adeje is a large area dedicated primarily to tourism, thanks to its wonderful beaches and sunny weather, most visitors and turists choose to spend their holidays here. Adeje is and looks very attractive, because it has beautiful hills, ravines and cliffs where we can see the natural wonder of the land.

Adeje has a population of over 43,000 inhabitants, although in the summer holiday season this number is increased by the large amount of tourism that is  attract to the hotels, beaches and other entertainment venues.

Adexe is the original name of the town of Adeje, which means (Trough), formerly the g j wrote x. Adeje is located in the yields of menceys (kings Aboriginal) that was main settlement of the Guanche culture.
Adeje is popular for his portrayal of the passion and death of Jesus, which is performed with great enthusiasm for this people for Easter, this representation is made in the street Grande, in the middle of the town of Adeje and begins in the church of St. Ursula , going through to Place de la Cruz del Llano.

Adeje has a coastline lined by steep cliffs that end on the coast with cliffs and slopes, as are the cliffs of the King, the gorge of hell etc. .. This has a small permanent stream and waterfall which is much visited by tourists to see its spectacular landscapes, and of course visiting the Roque del Conde.

Costa Adeje in Tenerife

Costa Adeje in Tenerife

The Adeje religious patron is the Virgin of the Incarnation, which makes their journey through the neighborhoods of Adeje followed by her adoring faithful in procession.

The fortified house in Adeje is historical artistic monument of the island but is in a state of ruin. Part of the history of the island and lived there Ponte family were slaves from Africa Guanches, was built in the sixteenth century to looters deter hackers, it was carried commercial traffic between the family owns the house that were Marquis and the privateer John Hawkins

Find great hotels in Adeje, such as the hotel Emerald Bay hotel duke has a private beach, the Isabel Family with structures typical of the island etc … on them or spend a well deserved vacation in Adeje. Also walk through the avenues in which we find local acclimated to the tourist, shopping and leisure centers etc … all this and more is what gives Adeje.

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