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Not all reviews are always good and this is one of them.  The Blue Marlin Restaurant in Costa Adeje in the south of Tenerife has everything to be the perfect place, except for good food and drinks.

Costa Adeje in the south of Tenerife is a very desireble area, always good weather, sunshine, fantastic beaches and lovely views from pretty much every where.

The Blue Marlin Restaurant is one of those right in front of the sea. Right by the beach of La Pinta in Costa Adeje. The place is beautiful and the installations of the restaurant are OK, but the food is simply awful. I was there two weeks ago with my husband and our children. I ordered what I thought it was a fantastic salad called :”Fantasía del Mar”. In the menu they said this was “particularily excellent quality”. The truth is that the salad came in a rather large plate, with a couple of lettuce leaves, two big pieces of tomatoes, two peeled prawns, a little bit and tuna and a couple of black olives with the pips, and NO DRESSING. It was really dissapointing food. Also if I reveal that they charge me 8.80€ for that.

Not only that, the saussages that I ordered for my little son tasted like dog food. The garlic bread was also very plain and expensive and the drinks seems to come all out of a barrill, for the beer that would be Ok, but the pop like the lemonade I ordered seem to come from a barrill too.

I must say that this was a very dissaponinting experience eating out in the south of Tenerife. There are here in Tenerife some really good places to eat, but we wanted to try somewhere different and I must say it did not go well.

In the north of the island of Tenerife there are uncountable gorgeous places to eat all different kinds of food, from traditional canarian to delicious thai food. The south of Tenerife we are exploring more to get to know better

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